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Use Tagading to quickly and easily bring groups of people into contact with you online.

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With Tagading your community always finds the right place.

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Resource Management

Become a Sharing Community with Tagading.

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Tickets, payments and receipts

Payments can be made in any kind of Tagading platform solution? We automatically generate tickets for you, participation confirmations, invoices, certificates and other individual documents.

Workflow Optimizations and Tailor Made Solutions

All the Tagading platform solutions can be combined! You can also use several solutions at the same time. In this way the most demanding workflows can be optimized: each component of the Tagading platform can be used as and when required.

The Tagading platform already contains interfaces for connection to external APIs, so that integration into existing environments can be implemented quickly and easily.

For us, efficiency and reliability are the most important factors leading to success.