Tagading® is an easy to use, comprehensive solution that brings clarity and structure to all aspects of community management.

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If managing groups of any size is one of your tasks, Tagading® is the solution for you.

The Tagading Platform paves the way for every conceivable aspect of community management. Its exceptional flexibility can create the individual and exact approach you need for your specific challenges.

Tagading: your complete solution for registration, data acquisition, payments, reservations and much more. All these features are user-friendly, secure and flexible.

Whether you manage a sports club, a mentoring program or a platform for tens of thousands of students, Tagading will transform the way you do this on a day-to-day basis. Make use of the speed and reliability of sophisticated software to automate processes and organize tasks. Save time and increase quality of outcome.

The Tagading Platform contains a wide range of flexible components, but can also be tailored exactly to meet your needs.

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Tagading Platform Solutions

Tagading offers a collection of pre-configured, modular platform solutions, which cover all stages of registration, participation, membership, reservation etc.

Tagading Platform solutions are easy to install on all modern IT systems and as an alternative can be run by many cloud providers.

In addition to the organization of workflows and process automation, Tagading also ensures continuous updating and compliance with security and data protection standards, so that you can sit back and relax. Tagading is an investment that will make your future easier.

Tagading Platform Developer

With the Tagading® Platform Developer Subscriptions you introduce an open and cloud-ready service platform for web and automation solutions in your company.

Develop your own solutions and enjoy the benefits of our experience, tools and services, which are essential for today‘s secure and modern live operations.

You can also benefit from the continuous further development and maintenance of the Tagading® Platform.

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